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What's Coming?

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

What Storm Do They Mean?

Do you remember when the storm was coming? Well, The Storm is Here!

Can you feel it? Disasters, chaos, confusion, scare tactics, on-again/off-again lockdowns, cargo crises/supply shortages, intimidation, discrimination, oppression, propaganda, and totalitarianism are all making our Country unrecognizable.

Where’s the truth?

What good is a media that doesn’t report the news? A recent post revealed the truth mainstream media wouldn’t:

  • Southwest Airlines shares tumble after mass flight cancellations, carrier weighs more cuts///>>

  • Tens of thousands of people stranded across the U.S. in airports as 2,000 more flights cancelled>>Southwest Airlines blames weather<</// TRUTH>>> MASS WALKOUTS..

  • Patriot pilots/staff/workers who will not consent to experimental vaccines/mandates >>> masses are quitting and the media isn't reporting<<

People are rising up all over the country; God bless these pilots!

Freedom Fighters

There are cities, such as Los Angeles, across this country which are persecuting those who choose no vaccination for a virus with a 99.997% recovery rate. Beginning November 4, a ban goes into effect for everyone over 12 years old, forbidding them entry to restaurants, gyms, theaters, malls, bars, salons, and other indoor settings.

Alarmed Americans, and global citizens from countries like France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Belgium, UK, Australia (poor Australia, suffering the full-on black cloud of heavy-handed Communism), and many others, are protesting this new world order regime brutality.

More Unreported News

A federal judge in New York has issued a preliminary injunction for all healthcare workers against the state’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The judge finds the state’s mandate conflicts with workers’ religious rights under federal law and the First Amendment.

Good news - I'm feeling the storm surge! How about you?

Rallies, peaceful assemblies, and beautiful, mask-less faces are ringing those soaring sounds of freedom in the fresh air of liberty, for which our forefathers, veterans, and canine units fought, bled, and died.

(Anyone is able to wear a mask, if it makes them feel more comfortable - just defund the mask police, please!)

The Best News of All!

This momentum of liberty is swelling as unconstitutional violations & medical tyranny rapidly escalate. Continue to rise up, Patriots.

We Are The Storm!

Peaceful, nonviolent pushback against the Communist invasion of America has arrived but We, The People, will prevail. With the help of President Trump and The United States Military, led by our Supreme Leader, God Almighty, America and the world will be saved!


Romans 8:28

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” So, buckle up & pray, friend: All blessings of hope, healing, and protection I wish for you in these coming days on your road to many more years of happiness and success.

Stay safe, stay calm, stay alert, and stay faithful. There is still nothing the left can do to stop what’s coming >> TRUST GOD AND HIS PLAN!

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