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Hello! I can't wait to meet you!

Here's a little bit about me...

I am an author, musician, and faith-based coach who will help you find hope, happiness,

and healing by discovering God’s unique purpose for your creation.  

There was a time when I struggled with faith and loss in my life, feeling alone, and unaware of where to find direction and renewal?  Do you ever feel this way?


At one point, I even felt anger and resentment at God, and yearned for a way to let it go and just be happy again.  Have you ever experienced these emotions? I even searched the world for answers, only to come up empty and lost for solutions. Maybe this is you. 


All this was my story, but now I am able to enjoy family and friendships more fully, participate in pool and beach activities, outdoor strolls with my pup, exhilarating travels, and music, art, literature, theater and discussion groups.  It was through writing my book and learning ten lessons from God that I was able to discover His Plan for happiness.


When I finally uncovered the truth, it brought me so much peace, comfort and joy, I knew I wanted this same hope and healing for everyone who has suffered pain, loss, and despair.  

I believe God’s Everlasting Plan includes each and every one of us - with our loved ones!  Not only does He want us to recover and move beyond pain, loss, fear, and loneliness, He wants us to become victorious and successful in our lives!  He wants to show us how to live, laugh, love, learn, and lead a joyful existence.  


I will provide this means of hope and healing, streamlined for any budget, as I reveal to you the mechanism that assures the happiness and fulfillment for which you have longed.  

As you look to a place within yourself of belief and inspiration through His Word, songs, and self-reflection, you will recognize your divine spark, as a child created in His Image, and the special path designed for you by the God who gives you dreams to envision greatness, perspective to epitomize joy, and power to accomplish your individual goals.  

  Join me on this journey of discovery, so

you can live the life God has waiting for you!

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How does understanding God's covenant with Sarah & Abraham lead to hope, happiness, & healing?

Do you wonder if this hope, happiness & healing is available to you?

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