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The Truth About Memorial Day

The Holiday is not Cancelled!

Not yet, anyway - and let's hope it's not! Memorial Day weekend is rapidly approaching and there is great anticipation that we could finally be heading into a traditional and exciting holiday! Easter was beginning to hint that a pandemic might be behind us but after the recent worldwide demonstrations rebuking lockdowns and masks, it is becoming quite clear the world is over shutdown and it is demanding a return to somewhat normalcy.

There will be beaches, barbeques, picnics, poolsides, nature, adventures, and the all-imperative “day-off-work,” which is jubilantly welcomed, but most importantly, there seems to be a swelling atmosphere and appreciation for our God-given rights and freedoms, guaranteed us by the Constitution. We pay tribute to our servicemen on Memorial Day for protecting, defending, and sacrificing for America.

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And, of course, freedom was never free.

Now, more than ever, a palpable resistance to Socialism and Communism is permeating society. They are the exact opposite of the democratic representative model that has made America successful and influential around the globe. We are a superpower because of those who served, fought, and died to reject tyrannical regimes throughout history. Our Military heroes are the selfless embodiment of honor, bravery, love, and devotion to our unique and original American concept of liberty for all. While millions around the world attempt to flee oppressive and murderous dictatorships, the whole world still seems to want to flood into the United States. Memorial Day is the solemn remembrance of all our revered Veterans, and it is the joyous celebration of the legacy they bestowed on each one of us.

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We Were Hijacked.

Today, many in the younger generations are no longer taught American history, civics, government, values, culture, and economics in our institutions of learning. Unfortunately, they are taught that America is greedy & imperialistic, and has a history of prejudice and oppression, while they ignore the immense strides that have been made as our Country evolved. America was born in 1776, as an infant, then advanced through its adolescence in growing pains, as lessons were learned, and progress was made. History is a great teacher and, while mistakes occur along the way, just as imperfect human beings achieve growth from self-determination and difficulties, so can nations mature, expand, and improve with age, in wisdom and experience.

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John 15:13

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." It has been said that God does not ask most of us to die for our friends, as our heroic Veterans have done. Instead, all he asks is that we live for our friends -- for others: "This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you," John 15:12.

It seems that Memorial Day is the perfect opportunity for us to recommit to reaching out to those around us. A lot of conflict is swirling about these days, so who couldn't use a little more love? I know I love all of you, my friends, and I wish you a peaceful and successful road well-traveled in hope, healing, and all the happiness of the world!

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