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Summer Bummer

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Summer Is Coming

Beautiful signs of summer are all around. With Memorial Day weekend rapidly approaching, pool and beach days should be right around the corner. And for many parts of the country, social activity is resuming (with all the precautions in place: Masks, distancing, expanded disinfection protocols, etc.) but a summer bummer on the horizon might be in store for those of us stuck in states with ongoing quarantines. In spite of a downward decline in new infections, governors and mayors talking of extended shutdowns (possibly through September) are disheartening us. Reported statistics are often confusing and misleading because infections are not the same thing as "new cases," which are widely broadcast. New cases include those who have been exposed to the virus but have not developed the disease. Their bodies' immune systems have attacked and defeated the virus before it was able to proliferate and infect.

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What a perfect place to be!

Outdoors, in the sun, salt, and fresh air, seems to be the ideal location to defeat COVID-19. And citizens appear responsible and co-operative in their efforts to adhere to guidelines for preventing viral spread. Dr. Pat Luse, an award-winning author & creator of The 7 Systems Plan, uses his book and online course (of the same name) to transform thousands of lives by providing valuable health information for reversing chronic disease, reducing weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other conditions. He has incorporated his decades of medical practice into the structured 7 Systems Plan and has become a prominent voice during the pandemic on methods for strengthening all 7 systems. Especially important to current events is the Defense System, which is the one responsible for fighting infections, such as COVID. He recently cited research documenting the enormous benefit of Vitamin D in strengthening the defense system, AKA, the immune system.

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Vitamin D prevents the cytokine storm.

During the recent COVID-19 coverage, we've heard a lot about cytokine storms. The cytokine storm is the hyper-inflammatory over-reaction by the immune system, which causes patients to respond detrimentally to the virus. Cytokines are chemical signaling molecules that move immune cells, such as macrophages and natural killer cells, whose role it is to attack a virus or bacteria, toward the areas of inflammation or infection. An over-reactive process results in damage by these attack cells, not only to the microbe, but to the body's own cells, destroying organs, especially the lungs and kidneys, which leads to death. But, research shows that people taking adequate levels of Vitamin D, who came in contact with the virus, didn't experience a cytokine storm and didn't even know they had been exposed to the virus because they never developed any symptoms.

Dr. David Friedman, Doctor of Naturopathy & best selling author of Food Sanity, cited in his recent article, Staying Indoors Increases Coronavirus Risk, that a study conducted by the Journal of Infectious Diseases, concluded sunlight destroys viruses. So, it turns out that Vitamin D, whether from a supplement or from the shining sun of the great outdoors, is one of the most significant defenses against pandemics. Maybe this summer does not have to be a bummer, after all!

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With a great sum I obtained this freedom (Acts 22:28.)

Next Monday we will celebrate our American heroes who have defended liberty throughout our Nation's history. In honor of Memorial Day, please be sure to grab your free download of Let Freedom Ring... I wish you a memorable holiday and a sizzling summer's start. I hope it begins a season of hope, happiness, and healing from the worldwide devastation. Please enjoy a safe and healthy celebration of our many American freedoms, and happy trails along your journey of success!

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