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So, What's Your Story?

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We all have a story, right?

I think so. And, who doesn't love to read a good story? My written story has been in the works this past year, and even though a minor delay is in store, updates will follow so, please stay tuned. I think everyone should seriously think about telling their story, in a book, video, blog, song, painting, or whatever fits their style because each one of us has had a unique life experience, with a treasure trove of knowledge, inspiration, insight, humor, perspective, adventure, and many other invaluable contributions to impart to this world! In fact, I believe, we even have an amazing story in the making, right here and now, in our own Country.

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What's the story?

I get the sense there is an intriguing drama unfolding before our eyes but I'm not sure, exactly, what I'm watching. The Federal Reserve Bank, the Central Bank of the United States (a privately-owned company) shut down for roughly 2 hours on February 24, 2021. There was chatter all across Wall Street, Twitter, and other platforms because no wire transfers, direct deposits, or other services were able to take place during that time. Many worried the banking system had collapsed. Later in the day, the Fed issued a statement attributing the shutdown to an "operational glitch."

If you were to search Foster Swiss QFS, you would see its page header proclaim, Quantum Financial System in detail: the definitive guide to understanding it. The Quantum Financial System is a financial system whose goal is to replace central banking. The QFS is housed in 3 quantum computers and 9 quantum satellites, and it covers the new global network for the transfer of gold or asset-backed money. Presently, central banking transfers fiat money, or money that is not backed by any commodity or value, such as gold. This Quantum Financial System was invented to end financial slavery/control over the world's populations because today, most modern paper currencies, such as the dollar, are fiat currencies, which risk devaluation, inflation, manipulation, and theft. The QFS has been operating parallel to the Central Banking System in an effort to interfere with hacking attempts to steal funds. Since February 24th, there has been wide speculation that the "operational glitch" might have been, in actuality, the preparations necessary to shift all monetary operations from central banking to the Quantum Financial System.

Trump visited Switzerland 3/1/2021.

It was reported by contacts on the ground in Germany that Trump visited Switzerland last week. Mainstream media and Twitter immediately declared "fact-checkers" had debunked this, suspending the news organization which posted it from Twitter. As with so much censorship taking place lately, I keep wondering why is freely circulating information a threat to anyone? Why can't viewers decide what they are willing to investigate themselves and determine is accurate or not? The Trump Administration was committed to the QFS because it wanted to return societal financial stability. Reports say he visited Switzerland; I wasn’t there so, I don’t know. But, it stands to reason, in light of the February 24th central bank's massive outage, he might have visited Switzerland in connection with related financial or programming duties.

A recent internet post stated:

Don't believe what you see, believe what you don't see. This statement reminded me of the verse in Hebrews 11:1, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." It seems to be saying something similar to the internet post: Believe what is true, even though you don't see it. But that can be tricky these days because what is true and what is not?

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Truth is light.

When we see or hear truth, it often seems like a lightbulb is flipping on in our heads. In addition, light results in heat, or warmth. Think of a hot sunny day or a warm one; the difference is determined by intensity. Similarly, it is that heartfelt burning or warmth we often experience when God inspires us with truth. In a quiet moment of reading scripture, reflection, or contemplation, or in an emotional moment facing tenderness and goodness, we recognize truth by the way it enlightens our minds and warms our hearts, maybe it even touches us with tears to our eyes.

Watch for truth.

So, as we witness all the seeming drama and turmoil in our current world, look out for truth. Open our eyes, search for information, question our surroundings, offer kindness for confusion, and seek discernment in those experiences that speak to our hearts and minds with goodness, enlightenment, warmth, and love. Who knows, we may be living one of the greatest stories yet to be told. So, please embrace your journey wherever you may be along the road to hope, happiness, and healing, which eventually leads to the peace and success we all seek.

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