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Sing with me!

Fernando Brazil on Unsplash

Many of us are isolated & quarantined these days. Some are scared, worried & bored. The VIRUS has spread fear, panic, & doubt around the world.

We’re fighting back by spreading love, hope, & belief. 💛 Register FREE! March 25th-31st; online daily.

We want to help others, not only survive this challenge, but overcome & thrive. Let's grow,🌺 encourage, support & inspire!

Two more days of the audio book tour (ends March 22, 7PM PDT.) Please stop by the LovingTheBook event site & click Discussions to join the conversation, win prizes, & view more videos. Please enjoy this song sample, with the same uplifting messages as the book, from the companion music cd.

We can beat this VIRUS together!

Nicolas Tisset on Unsplash


(I created for you the easy button for hope, happiness, & healing!)

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