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Oh, Yes You Can: Six Steps to Overcome!

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Welcome, Daylight Savings time!

I've never been a proponent of year-long daylight savings, although it seems to be trending these days. I have always enjoyed the feel of a season change when days become shorter and nights become longer, the weather is cooler, and the air is crisper. Now, with the imminent approach of spring, it is enjoyable to begin basking in the glow of longer days and frolicking in the warming of moonlit nights. Not that Spring has completely arrived yet. It is still wintery in many parts and, today in California, it is cool & rainy. But, I swear, the grass is already greener from just 8 hours of rain! So, thankfully, it is going to pour a day or two.

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Metaphorical rain can pour a day or two, as well.

Grey days remind me that gloom comes into our lives, at times. They can't always be sunny and bright! So, how do we deal with discouragement, doubt and failure? Van Gogh once said: "If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." Good advice because doubts and fears are natural parts of our human condition. But we can learn to defy ordinary tendencies and rise to extraordinary capabilities. While we may see ourselves as small and limited, others may see us as grand and mighty. And why not listen to the positive voices in our own minds and from others, silence or ignore the negative ones, and discover the amazing possibilities that arise from taking action. Surround ourselves with those who believe and encourage us to progress.

The Good Book states: Be ye doers of the word...

James 1:22, reminds us that taking action produces results and rewards. Naturally, we sometimes worry, What if we mess up, make fools of ourselves, or fail at the task? Actually, I do that all the time (... just sayin'!) Henry Ford said that failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. He failed several times to build a successful car before he succeeded with the Model T and finally sold 15 million cars! Often, the skill of overcoming doubt is achieved by determining to use failure as a means to educate ourselves in the process of success! It is rarely an overnight accomplishment. Instead, success is inevitably an outcome of time, preparation, and patience. The more we learn and train ourselves, just like exercise, the stronger, faster, better we become, and the sooner we arrive at the desired goal. Whether it is personal or professional development, we can choose to use each setback and seize every opportunity to begin again, this time, more experienced and informed.

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Don't forget to dream big!

I think God gives us hopes and dreams to remind us of his Power! There is already great potential built and locked inside of us. We may have human limitations and doubts that we can attain our desires and undertakings. But with God's assistance, we can achieve unimaginable accomplishments. Fear not... for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee, yea I will help thee (Isa. 41:10), I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me (Phillip. 4:13). Trusting that God is confident in us and supports our efforts propels us to keep working and never give up!

A sure formula for success!

So, remember: 1) Recognize that everyone doubts/fails 2) Listen to the positive voices 3) Just do it! Action overcomes 4) Hang with encouragers 5) Train & educate for success 6) Dream big and trust God!

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I, for one, am counting the days to Spring blossoms. I hope you start budding your own spring blossoms, and bloom right where you are planted. God believes in you. So, yes, you can!

I believe everyone has a book inside them. What's yours?

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