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Mission Impossible

Anyone frustrated?

I've been frustrated this week as the whole world watched, all across TV and YouTube/Internet, bombs drop in Ukraine. "Putin is crazy, he's a madman, maniacal, a warmonger. This has been the relentless media coverage.

Thank God for the peace that comes from knowing what’s really going on in Ukraine and around the world. It gives me hope for a bright future.

Prayers for the People

Of course, there are plenty of worries & concerns for the citizens enduring explosions, fear, displacement, & uncertainty. Prayers abound for a speedy completion of the mission taking place in their homeland.

On a Mission

That's right; this is a mission, not an invasion. There is an operation to save the world by cutting off the head of a devil-worshipping snake of a cabal that has poisoned the entire globe for decades.

It has been said that the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, is the headquarters of the satanic worldwide Deep State. Money laundering, child/human sex-trafficking/organ harvesting, drugs/arms smuggling, a natural gas/oil theft-ring, a human slavery industry, bioweapon labs, demonic ritualism/child sacrifice, & a worldwide tunneling network, right beneath our feet, to facilitate this unimaginable horror is orchestrated there.

Indeed, there is a committed mission to devastate their depraved commercial empire.

Central Banking

The media's narrative has been to speak of "evil Putin" (and he is former KGB/a Russian communist so, much of his disrepute has merit) but most do not understand the reason for his global antagonism.

The reason is that the entire decadent, worldwide leadership has been trying to push central banking (one planetary bank to control all money & people) & satanism on him for decades & beyond.

Putin has been the one world leader that has refused anything to do with that agenda. So, understandably, he is positioned as the enemy.

Even much of the U.S. leadership, ever since Papa Bush (head of the nefarious CIA) and probably further back, has been involved in unimaginable corruption and crimes against humanity - but who among us even knew anything about it?

All The Evidence in the World

Until President Trump came along, there has been, for the most part, no pushback against the increased decimation of the U.S. Constitution, freedom, sovereignty, and individual human rights.

But, Trump has all the evidence of their crimes & he accepted the mission to defeat satan-worship, or at least cripple its global stranglehold.

So, that puts him on the same team as Putin: The enemy of his enemy is his friend.

Thank God For Trump

And, thank God for President Trump’s tough, in-your-face, New York street style!

Who else would have been equipped with the necessary backbone, stamina, and skills to battle the vitriolic onslaught (in all its media, New World Order, corporate, big tech/Pharma, Hollywood, political, educational, bureaucratic, & other institutional forms,) from the apocalyptic monster born in the polluted bowels of planet Earth?

Like him or not, President Putin seems to be dutifully carrying out his assigned role throughout Ukraine in a world-alliance military operation to crush the head of the Kyiv based demon.

He's not there to invade Ukraine, his part appears to be to attack specific targets, annihilate the swamp creatures, and free Ukrainians, as well as Russians suffering the neighboring spillover, from the cesspool of crime & corruption that has choked their countries for decades.

Oksana Marynch on Unsplash

Who Could Make This Stuff Up

Sadly, the National media does not tell the truth.

  • Do they lie and obscure truth to protect their own involvement or that of their candidates?

  • Are they completely inept and ignorant because they have abdicated their journalistic duty to research, follow, and report all facts, regardless of where they lead?

  • Is there an agenda to fool the public into the assurance of non-threat?

Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Conspiracy vs. Reality

Someone once said, "The difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy reality is about fifty years."

Guilty people and those in denial camouflage or discredit truth by purporting the people claiming it are stupid, crazy, or fanatical, and that it is too unbelievable to be true.

Often, it takes many dark years for facts to be revealed, but the light of truth always prevails.

Faith Hope Charity

So, peace, hope, healing, & happiness to all, even during troubled times of war, pain, and confusion. Please continue in love, prayer, assistance, and affirmations for the victims, and may God bless you with wisdom to discern truth. He is benevolent to those with honest hearts.

"The righteous shall be glad in the Lord, and shall trust in him; and all the upright in heart shall glory" Psalm 64:10.

Still, does it really seem possible that the Presidents' (Trump & Putin) worldwide alliance could even pull off this seemingly insurmountable Mission Impossible? I think we know for sure theirs is a lofty goal that pleases The Almighty Creator of humanity.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" Hebrews 11:1.

So, maybe the answer to this endeavor depends on the trust, faith, & involvement of us all — and only time will tell …

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