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Thank you for missing me!

Let me say, first off, thank you all who worried about me last week! I"m doing great; it's just that I had such hectic plans, as I prepared for an author conference; my little newsletter ended as the poor victim on the floor that bit the dust. But I'm happy to be back this week and thrilled to share some thoughts I have with you!

There are so many good people in the world.

I have been reminded that the world is full of wonderful people who are trying, all in their own ways, to make this a better place for everyone to live and grow! None of us could have possibly survived these past seven months without experiencing some degree of fear, worry, or uncertainty. And it has become increasingly clear to me that a strengthening foundation of hope and faith is critical to prepare us, personally, for whatever difficulties arise in life. So, I have decided to regularly place hashtag-BringBackTheBible (#BringBackTheBible, #bringthebibleback), on my social media posts, in hopes of generating awareness regarding the source of all hope, happiness, and healing: God. Please stay with me here.

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Even more cathartic than a day in nature.

Is there anything more healing than a walk in the woods, surrounded by cricket chirps, calling birds, trickling streams, or whispering winds? What if we stand on a beach, encompassed by the soothing sounds of rolling waves and swooping seagulls? Or picture staring into a twinkling sky and wishing on a star. These spectacular encounters with creation can connect us to something bigger than ourselves, something as grand as the universe, someone even as magnanimous as the Almighty Creator! But, since we can't always adventure off into nature, we need to carve out time in our busy routines to manage our responsibilities, worries, stresses, or distractions. Quiet devotionals, meditations, prayers, and reflections can facilitate a spiritual renewal, resulting in inspiration and optimism, even more profound than those magnificent outdoor experiences.

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The Bible symbolizes God.

Bringing back the Bible does not mean that everyone has to believe in the Bible. It means that society benefits from religious experiences and the Bible symbolizes God. We need to reclaim the all-important spiritual component of human existence, which grounds individuals and cultures in values and principles that bring stability and unity to civilizations.

America was founded upon Judeo-Christian values.

Of course, every person will not believe the exact doctrine as the next and may not name God (or worship) in the same way, either. Some people profess not to believe at all, but everyone acknowledges the peace and comfort derived from connecting with something or someone higher than themselves. In our historic Judeo-Christian culture, the Bible represents the turning inward of worshipers, as they quiet themselves and "listen" for personal impressions that come to mind. A sense of calm, guidance, and purpose often accompanies these private moments spent reading prophetic words and learning universal concepts. They give meaning, direction, and comprehension of those grounding principles that direct a person and society towards goodness. Throughout the ages, when God is dismissed from the individual consciousness and removed from the public discourse, history repeats the pattern of deteriorating culture into confusion, chaos, and the eventual crumbling of civilizations.

No judgement here, just recognition of much-needed change.

So, I invite you to join the movement and hop aboard the #bringbackthebible, #bringthebibleback train! Awareness is golden and momentum can be magical in creating more hope, happiness, and healing for our afflicted and recovering world. Please join me in spreading the hashtag on your posts.

Oh my! I apologize, friends, for crashing into your photo op! Nevertheless, it was a fun-filled and value-packed weekend. All my very best in your continued travels along the happy trails of success.

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