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August Deadline!

Sung Jin Cho on Unsplash

August 1, 2020 is the deadline!

Thank you so much for your support. If you are like me, you already rushed off to vote for this 1st book of the Heaven Heals series. Or maybe you realized there was plenty of time, which there has been for several months, it is true. But the end of voting is rapidly approaching, so, please forgive one last reminder: Vote for Heaven Heals before August 1st, please, pleeeaaazzzeee, & pretty pleeaaazzzeee!

Favorite Religious Non-Fiction book: Category Eleven (11)

Once you have clicked the Heaven Heals link and land on the voting page, you will see there are 16 categories. If you advance the arrow to category 11, just scroll the page to Heaven Heals... it is in this category: Favorite Religious Non-Fiction book. Then you can choose this brightly-covered book, which chronicles God's love for everyone and the benefit of His Covenant for each one of us.

I fell extremely honored to be nominated in this category and would be most grateful for your vote. Other winners last year included:

  • Dr. David Friedman, Food Sanity

  • Anita McLaurin, My Father Said I Could

  • Chellie W. Phillips, When In Doubt, Delete It

  • Dr. Pat Luse, The 7 Systems Plan

  • Melanie Delorme, After The Flowers Die: A Handbook of Heartache, Hope and Healing After Losing a Child

...and so many other spectacular book winners. But they couldn't have done it without the help of so many supportive voters. I know I have asked for your support before, so thank you very much for indulging me. I am grateful you take the time to read these regular emails and I hope I am able to convey messages of hope, happiness, healing, optimism, inspiration, and your own personal accomplishments!

It's the 4th of July all month!

Speaking of hope, happiness, optimism, inspiration & accomplishment, I try to keep the American celebration (what little of it there was this year) going all month long. I think it is remarkable we continually strive to better ourselves, our communities & surroundings, and the opportunities America provides for people who take advantage of them by working hard. I love the anonymous quote, "When people tell you that you can't, don't believe it. It's a reflection of their limitations, not yours!" It has been a rough year so far but just remember: Anything is still possible in America!

Thank you so much for the kindness and generosity of your time!

May you enjoy many more happy trails each day along the journey of success...

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