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Are You a Loser... or a Winner?

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Did you know? 75% of New Year's resolutions are broken in the 1st week!

By the end of the year, only 8% of all resolutions are successful - shocking, right? Not really; we're all raring to go with great ideas January 1st, but when the novelty and excitement wears off, we lose enthusiasm and, predictably, slip back into our old familiar, comfortable patterns of behavior.

We really did have good intentions!

But we know all too well, change is hard (and we really don't like it, do we?) Somehow, good intentions just don't cut it! It takes commitment to succeed, not just desire. It's not the strongest, prettiest, smartest, or fastest that wins the prize; it's the focused and the perseverant, the one who fails but keeps picking him or herself up to try over and over again until they finally make it (whatever "it" is). In the cases of Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, & Thomas Edison, making it meant changing the world! Steve Jobs claimed, "We started out to get a computer in the hands of everyday people, and we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams."

But they didn't do it on the first try.

There were many, many setbacks and failures. Henry Ford said, "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." None of the great entrepreneurs, athletes, scientists, designers, etc. blamed others or quit after their first, second, third... fiftieth failure. They learned from mistakes & experiences and kept moving forward in their resolution to succeed. They made their goal top priority and never lost sight of it. As Jobs noted, no one could have imagine how life-changing these advancements would become. We are all lucky to be alive to enjoy the benefits of these changes! And it doesn't matter that we don't change the world on such a grand scale as some, we all contribute our little pieces of improvement that make it a better place.

Great philosophy for heading into 2020!

I like this poster. It's a fantastic reminder to make this year one of hope, happiness, healing, and success! We don't need to be too hard on ourselves or others. Just remember to commit and keep trying, never give up, and stay focused on the goals right in front of you. Goals are those ambitions that allow us to grow, heal, and prosper. Comfort zones keep us safe, secure, and rested momentarily but we should never plant ourselves in them. They won't result in constructive harvest zones, only in miserable accident scenes, marred by truckloads of littered couch potatoes - ouch!

So, here's to a New Year of thriving inspiration!

Thank you for always lending me your ear. You are truly a winner and I'm so grateful to be associated with you! Let's do 2020 together and do it up right - we got this!


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