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A Calm before the Storm?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Brandon Morgan on Unsplash

A lot is going on!

We don't always see any developments behind the scenes until it is time for them to break. About a week ago, qthestormrider, who must have good intel connections because they've always turned out to be accurate, posted some events that had taken place to date:

  • 200,000 India troops at their border

  • China moving forces to India's border

  • Russia Mil. On move... Tracking U.S., UK

  • Black Sea @ breaking point

  • U.S. forces attacked and counter strikes by U.S. Air Force

He continued: "Military forces will start moving world wide again after a few weeks of moving munitions, exercises, & setting up response forces w/joint U.S. Mil. in over 30 nations." And, a citizen journalist, who travels the Country filming videos never-to-be-seen on the mainstream media, posted a massive tank/equipment movement video, captured in Edmond, Oklahoma. "(Most) people don't even realize we are at war right now; today's wars are not fought by storming the battlefield like yesterday's wars," said Lin Wood.

The Daily Beast


I believe we are in a cyberwar, where our systems are being hacked and our leaders in the highest positions of government, the corporate world, media/big tech, and nearly all our other institutions (educational, entertainment, healthcare, etc.) are corrupted, bribed, compromised, extorted, and blackmailed for greedy financial gain or in an attempt to overthrow our Constitution. We have already seen the cyber attack of the Colonial Pipeline, a major fuel pipeline servicing the eastern part of the United States. Military bases, banks, and other systems also experienced similar hacks, not to mention the most obvious breech of all: Our election.

He who has nothing to hide, hides nothing.

The DOJ and U.S. Attorney General have been harassing and threatening those trying to verify results. So, why wouldn't Biden supporters welcome an analysis to prove, to the nation and the world, everything was on the up and up in November 2020, and that he, indeed, is the legitimately-elected president? Well, I submit they would, if they believed it were true. Instead, over 100 lawyers have been hired to distract, deter, and derail any validation of the outcome, by whatever means necessary. But, truth is truth and it shall ultimately makes us free from the escalating censorship, persecution, and tyranny of our times.

"Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free," John, 8:31-32.

President Trump is a Patriot who loves the Constitution. The Military Generals and he follow the letter of the Law of War Manual, proceeding carefully and judiciously, as required, in their efforts to restore law, order, and freedom to America.

Plenty more Patriots abound in our Country. As we trust in God and involve ourselves in local, state, and national concerns, we will again become free and reclaim our American dreams. Even though the road may get even bumpier, buckle up as we keep preparing spiritually and temporally; stay safe, stay calm, definitely, stay out of the way, and stay focused on the Lord, who is walking with us every step of the way.

Hopefully, you will find Saint and Angel's video instructive, although, I never rely on rumored times or dates. The Military is in the thick of an active and advancing Operation, so complications, set backs, or changes could arise at any moment, delaying an anticipated result. Still, I know God always wins; He already has won! And, victory manifests itself in His own way and on His omniscient timetable.

I am grateful for faith, which gives me immense hope, allows continual healing, and provides a perspective of true happiness in life, whatever comes my way. All this peace and optimism I pray for you, too, along your journey of joy and success!

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