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Two Qualities Successful, Happy People Have

Hello, My Friend!

Do you know what two qualities successful, happy people have? Here is a recently published piece I wrote for Medium. There is actually scientific evidence for the neurotransmitters of "happiness!"

An excerpt from the piece says, "It is an interesting phenomenon that we look at others, who seem to have it all, or have it “all together,” and we think their lives are perfect, they are flawless and they don’t have any problems. It is such a natural tendency to assume that we are the only ones who are deficient in talents or consumed with worry. Even though the grass is always greener on the other side, one of life’s great lessons is that..."

I'd love to hear any thoughts you might have from your own personal experiences or from reading the article. 

Happy trails in your own happiness and success!




Rainbow Sheep

Hi, My Friend!


Thanks to a farmer in Scotland, these colorful sheep have been dyed with a non-toxic dye for spring. I love sheep - especially these sheep! I hope that your week is chugging along and you might enjoy some thoughts about these beautifully encouraging rainbow sheep!

"The vibrant colors in this photo capture an exciting reminder that spring is here. With it always come new life, rebirth, warmth, beauty and hopefulness. Although, in the U.S., spring officially began March 20th, we see wide variations of it throughout the country. Still, the longer, brighter days facilitate an increase in positivity and optimism. This is the time for “spring” cleaning, which typically refers to the physical removal of dirt and clutter. But it is also an appropriate time to spring-clean ourselves, emotionally and spiritually. Everyone has baggage that needlessly gets carried around but there are things we can do to lighten our loads with some spring-cleaning..."

There are lots of exciting developments in the making and I look forward to "seeing" you again next week! Happy trails in your own journey of success!




Hi, Friend!

I saw this scathing picture; it is troubling because it's a vivid description of how damaging mean words are.


It made me think back to times when I've been angry. It can happen to any of us, especially since there is so much "noise" in the world today. Well, I wrote down some thoughts about the damaging effects of anger and possible reactions to it. Just reflecting on ways that I deal with it and ways to improve has been a cathartic experience. I hope you can carve out a few minutes of your time to read it; I always love to read in the comments any thoughts you might have.

I also received my logo back from the designer today. I highly recommend, formerly! They are most helpful and very affordable, if anyone is looking for their own logo. Enjoy your middle of the week and happy trails in your own journey of success!




Hello, my friend!


The jasmine in my back yard has really popped in the last two days - it is spreading across the back fence, with the most gorgeous aroma. I try to keep the back door open, just to I get a whiff of it every time I walk past the door. Beautiful aromas are very uplifting and encouraging. Even though spring is breaking out all over, it's still easy to get in a funk these days. There are so many demands on us that we can find ourselves getting overwhelmed, at times. I think I go a mile a minute from dawn to dusk, and then wake up to do it all over again the next day! But his happy little guy helps me maintain focus on those things of importance, adding lots of cheer to my day.


Supportive family and friends do the same. It is said that surrounding ourselves with inspiring people allows us to bloom and blossom right where we are planted, just like the most heartening flowers. They influence us to bring out the best in ourselves. I love the saying, "The goal is not to change who you are but to become more of you at your best." We all have unique skills, talents, and charms; we just need to continue to develop them to the fullest.


So, do you know someone who could use a lift? If so, could I ask a huge favor? Would you please forward this email to brighten their day and provide them with a lift in spirits? I always love to share the song, "Reflection," with anyone who could benefit from a little more peace and calm in their day: And, since May is in full swing, please always remember to take the opportunity to stop and smell the flowers! Happy trails to you in your journey of success.




Special holiday weekend greetings!


What do you know about Memorial Day, other than it's a great day of work to go to the beach, barbeque, picnic, and celebrate? Those are all great activities for the holiday, although, traditionally, it is a memorial for all the fallen soldiers who fought and died for freedom.

Do you have any thoughts on the holiday because I would love to hear them! I've posted a piece on LinkedIn,, for all you networkers, and welcome any of your feedback. I'll duplicate it on my site, as well:, so, please click on over :)

An excerpt from the piece quotes Alexander Frasier Tytler, renowned Scottish historian, judge, and Professor at Edinburgh University: “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years... ”

What does this say about America's future? There is still good news, so trolley on over for a good read, and post a comment, if you are so inclined. And begin to gear up for a fabulous, upcoming holiday weekend, as you kick-off your forthcoming fun and exciting summer season!

And if you know someone, who would enjoy a good read, as well, please do forward this email on to them. Thanks to all of you who share the emails and songs! "Reflection," is still available to anyone needing some calm and relaxation in their hectic schedules: So, please always remember to take the opportunity to stop and smell the roses along your happy trails of success...




Hello, again!

Who loves pain? Ha! And that's the dumbest question ever asked? But, I do keep inflicting it on myself when I say I'm too tired to exercise, too busy to cook, too lazy to get off the couch, and too stressed to attack a goal.

Do you inflict unnecessary pain on yourself? Pain can serve as an essential warning for us to course-correct. I like this slogan because it reminds me that rationalization/procrastination only leads to worse pain down the road. And, it gets more expensive to heal the pain (that is, if it's even not too late for recovery.)

 Can you think of one particular change you would like to address? No time like the present, as the saying goes. Seize the moment for now is the time to delay no longer! And to help in your moment of action: Who wants to ring in a New Day of feeling good? Sign me up! And, snag your free song today for some feel-good, motivational music to energize you as you make the needed changes to live pain-free. Happy, adventurous trails, as you continue in your journey of success.





Hello, again!

I just must pass this bargain along! I have been out of town so much lately (funerals, conventions, birthdays, graduations), and it can get costly!


Found out yesterday that the $49 one-way fares on Southwest are expiring tomorrow, so be sure to grab your amazing-bargain price and go have some fun of your own this summer!

I met a new friend from England yesterday, who is coming in October to a convention in Ohio, which I will be attending, as well. The new publisher for my 2nd edition book, with whom I have been working since January, is hosting it and I am excited to meet amazing authors and storytellers from around the world!

It is said that 80% have a book inside of us, just waiting to be written. Most of us have unique thoughts and experiences to share with the world but we don't know where to begin the process of telling our stories. We can learn how to write our books, with the right supporting publisher that walks us through each step of the way (online support, tutorials, phone coaching, etc.) So, time to begin thinking about the message you have always wanted to relay! If you would LOVE to tell your story, I would love to have you join me! Email me for more details:

With the onset of summer (and so much activity ramping up), I will begin my new schedule of the bi-monthly email. I love sending thoughts, tips, songs, and other info, which I hope you are finding useful! And, I hope you are enjoying the exciting onset of summer!

If you need some musical inspiration to get the season going, please enjoy my summer song, Ride

And, if you know someone, who could use the healing that only heaven provides, please feel free to share the Amazon link for the $3.99 every-day-low-low-price of the Kindle book, Heaven Heals ... or iBook, and any other format, Heaven Heals ...

Happy trails...





Hi, My Friend!


I love sheep - especially these sheep! Maybe you have already seen these sheep before but, thanks to an amusing farmer in Scotland with a non-toxic dye, here is a beautiful and remarkable image (rainbow-colored sheep) for which to enjoy sheep even more! I just love looking at them; they make me feel so happy. I jotted down some thoughts and hope you have a minute to read about these beautifully encouraging rainbow sheep!

Here is an excerpt: "The vibrant colors in this photo capture an exciting reminder that summer has arrived!. With it always comes fun, adventure, beauty and hopefulness; I know I always feel optimistic in the summertime. I love the longer, brighter days, which increases activity and positivism. Although we often think of spring as the time for “spring” cleaning, I find myself getting motivated in the summer to tackle projects, which often include the physical removal of dirt and clutter. But it is also an appropriate time to clean-out (as we do in spring, or summer, in my case) ourselves, emotionally... Everyone has baggage that needlessly gets carried around but there are things we can do to lighten our loads with some spring/summer cleaning..."

Thank you for your enjoying my songs and blot posts! I'm very grateful to have you on board. I hope you have lots of good things happening this season and I look forward to "seeing" you again in a couple of weeks! Happy trails in your own journey of success!



Hey, friend!


Is this a splendid Hollywood Bowl, 4th of July photo, or what!?! How do you celebrate a birthday, especially America's birthday? Are you looking forward to a July 4th holiday of parades, salutations, get-togethers, music, and fireworks - a celebration of America's independence and birth, as a nation, 243 years ago? Statistics show this is the #1 week for summer vacation.

I don't know about you but I feel swamped most of the year so I just really enjoy down time, whether I am on vacation or not. Also, I think about American history, during this time of the nation's birthday. A quote from my recent blog:

"Every year we celebrate our unique freedoms and those who defend them. We remember the incredible wisdom of the Founding Fathers and the bravery of those who serve America in uniform. We love to share our traditions with our friends. We enjoy our roots, history, culture, language, and enduring relationship with the U.K. We embrace the positive additions to our American landscape, which have come to us through global influences, especially now that they are so easily accessible, through a worldwide Internet. We continually strive to better ourselves, our surroundings, and the opportunities America provides." I love the quote, 'When someone tells you that you can't, don't believe it. It's a reflection of their limitations, not yours." Just remember: Anything is possible in America!

So, best wishes for a Happy 4th of July! I'm looking forward to it! What's your idea of the perfect July 4th? Mine would involve water (swimming, beach, boating, etc.), family/friends, grilled hamburgers, patriotic music and, naturally, fireworks! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the perfect Fourth. Just reply to this email or leave your feedback in the blog comments.

Thank you for your valuable contributions to this community and enjoy a very happy holiday along your journey of success!


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