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Hope,  Healing,  &  Happiness


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I'm glad you're here!  I'm Kristy Landgren; author, coach, and musician who will help you find hope, healing and happiness by discovering your unique purpose and God-given empowerment.  


Are you struggling with faith and life's losses, feeling alone not knowing where to find direction and renewal? I've felt that way too, at times. In the past, I've felt anger and resentment toward God; yearning for a way to let go and just be happy again. Searching the world for answers, I came up empty, lost for a solution—until I changed where I was looking. If this sounds like you, and you're experiencing similar emotions, I can help! There is hope, healing, and happiness in your life, after loss.

Come join me on this journey of discovery and live the life God meant for you! 

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Meet Author & Coach - Kristy Landgren


Discover your unique purpose &
 God-given empowerment

Faith-Based Coaching


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Heaven Heals

Part 2

Are you filling your time with anything and everything, rather than confronting your need to heal from the grief of loss? Are you left feeling empty and lost? It doesn’t have to be this way! 

In the second installment of the Heaven Heals series, author Kristy Landgren shares that you can find healing. You can gain clarity, hope, healing and a realization of your purpose, just as she did after losing her loved one.  


If you’re new to Heaven Heals, get ready to:

  • Enjoy more meaningful relationships

  • Let go of interfering distractions

  • Take control of your health and well-being

  • Release the pain, to experience freedom and joy

  • Create a happy life defined by your unique purpose and individual exceptionalism


Your happiness awaits!

Heaven Heals

Part 1

By discovering who you are, why you're here, where you're going, and about loved ones, you will:

  • Achieve clarity

  • Undergo healing

  • Achieve your full potential


As you recognize yourself as God's child, you are defined by your divine lineage!

  • Find time for people and relationships that matter most: Let go of interfering distractions

  • Take control of your spiritual health, release the pain, experience freedom and joy

  • Transform a life of mediocrity into your vision of excellence

Work Desk

Work with me

If you're ready for life-changing, long-lasting recovery and healing from life's losses, my one-on-one coaching program is what you're searching for!

Through my own healing journey, I've discovered the secret to true happiness and healing. I can't wait to help you find it too! Did you know:

  • God knows you, personally.

  • He has a unique plan for your life.

  • He wants to empower your success! 

Book your discovery session with me to learn how!

Kristy's Story


Terry Fulcher

Kristy’s warm, caring personality combined with her unique approach provides a safe, calming environment to begin the journey of healing from loss.  Kristy shares her heart, her faith, and her love of music to help others heal their broken hearts.  


Scott D. Giauque 

I would like to offer my review of the book Heaven Heals (By Understanding Abraham’s Covenant) Every once in a while on our spiritual Journey we come across that hidden jewel of truth and light through a book or a poem or a song. This book has been one of those experiences for me. As I read it, I felt that the author was communicating directly with me. It even reminded me of a time when I attended an institute of religion class in college and felt that what I was reading was greater than the sum of all the words and thoughts. I found it easy to follow with a great deal of spiritual insight as it was able to logically draw connections to the need of understanding between people of different faiths and different religions while remaining true to the Faith of the Author. One of my favorite parts of the old testament has always been the story of Joseph in Egypt. I appreciate the perspective offered here. And on all of the stories and scriptures it refers to. I would highly recommend reading or listening to this book. It is filled with truth and testimony. 

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Anita McLaurin

“Heal Your Broken Heart”, by Kristy Landgren, takes themes from the Scriptures and adds a folksy, upbeat melody. You can't help but smile (even do a little dance) as your heart is filled with hope.

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Blessed is the man... whose hope is in the Lord.  Jer. 17:7


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