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Watch The Waters

Military Intel

Over the past few years, military intelligence has left messages, one of which has instructed us to watch the water. Imagining and researching the possible meanings of this posts has proved fruitless until just recently. Now, it seems to suggest something revealing will come from watching the waters. One memo referenced Genesis 8.

After the rains of the Great Flood ceased and the waters began to recede, Noah opened the hatch and sent forth a dove to see if there was land around. First, the dove returned and Noah knew the bird had found no land. He waited seven days, then sent the dove out again. The dove returned the second time with an olive leaf; Noah then knew the leaf was plucked from a treetop and revealed waters were receding. He waited another seven days, and sent the dove again; this time, it did not return. The Great flood was over: "Noah removed the covering of the ark, and looked, and behold, the face of the ground was dry," Gen. 8:13.

Photo from The Times of Israel

Many disasters worldwide:

We are living through a worldwide pandemic and, just recently, we have begun to witness floods, fires, explosions, tornadoes, earthquakes, with tsunami's and volcanoes predicted. Mainstream Media is trying to convince us global warming is causing a disastrous season. If these were truly natural disasters caused by global warming, how could they all arrive at exactly the same time? And, how can the media know tsunami's and volcanoes are coming soon?

Military intel has warned us The Storm is Coming. What Storm is that? Is there something occurring globally that is triggering these upheavals? Why are we to watch the waters? When the lake and riverbed floodwaters recede, what will the dry ground reveal?

Christal Yuen on Unsplash

A lot of info is forthcoming.

It seems to me a need exists to distract from all the information that is set to come forward. There are audit results, censored January 6th Capitol Hill footage, hidden pandemic/vaccine statistics, new world order depopulation/enslavement agendas, with much more, and the most shocking of all: A hideous worldwide demonic child-trafficking/organ-harvesting industry.

Wikipedia: Cloud-seeding Equipment

Silver iodide is used to cloudseed.

Technology has advanced to such mind-boggling proportions, weather warfare has become an invaluable weapon in the hands of an evil enemy. As with any precious discovery, when in the hands of unscrupulous & fiendish players, the devastating death and destruction that can result is not even imaginable.

Excessive silver iodide leads to astronomical flooding. Rods of God (20 foot long, 1 foot in diameter, tungsten rods, dropped from orbiting satellites) can incinerate massive mountainsides into cremated forests, and explode targets, leaving virtually no substantive fallout. There is an entire arsenal of other unthinkable diabolical misuse of high-tech ammunition possible for employment in this new era of modern specialized warfare.

NOAA on Unsplash

So, exactly what storm is coming?

I believe we are in an information war, one which involves many forms of cyber attacks and advanced technological weaponry. There are inconceivable horrors which have occurred beneath our consciousness. Destruction of deep tunnel networks that service a secret, dark underworld must be eradicated to salvage our own humanity. Of course, the enemy is pulling out all their moves to thwart our Military operations that aim to save us, the children, and the world. This shadow empire will stop at nothing to impede the information release of their depraved activities and their evil designs, or to divert attention from it. They will not be successful. Watch the waters; when they recede, they will reveal all.

As it has been said: "A Storm is Coming and there is nothing the (enemy) can do to stop it." All truth will be revealed. Some may not be ready to hear it but truth is the only thing that will restore freedom to a weary soul and a hopeful world.

I encourage all to seek the Lord, strengthen faith, and trust in the guaranteed spiritual promises: "Then Jesus said... ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free," John 8:31-32.

"Wherefore, for this cause... I must needs destroy their secret works of darkness, and of murders, and of abominations."

"For I will fulfil my promises which I have made unto the children of men, that I will do unto them while they are in the flesh ---"

"Therefore, cheer up your hearts, and remember ye are free to act for yourselves -- to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life," 2 Nephi 10:15, 17, 23.


Remember, the road may get even bumpier, so stay safe, stay calm, definitely stay out of the way, and stay faithful during these difficult times. Buckle up and enjoy an eventual ride of hope, healing, and happiness to your intended destination of everlasting peace and success.

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