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The Greatest Wealth Transfer In History

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

A Little Background

President Trump signed Executive Orders while in office, three of which pertain to those criminals involved in human trafficking (crimes against humanity/Executive Order 13818), interference into U.S. elections (EO 13848), and felonious activities of foreign security investments that finance Chinese Communist Military Companies (EO 13959).

Among penalties for these crimes is the confiscation of real estate properties and monetary assets. Since 2017, those seized assets have been placed & held in a fund, and the greatest transfer of wealth in the world has been rolling out in waves. We are now nearing the end of a particular aspect of the rollout.

Gold-Backed Assets

In addition, there is a monetary change taking place. We are in the process of returning to a gold-backed currency. In August, 1971, President Nixon severed links between the dollar and gold as part of some new economic plan.

Since then, the dollar has been termed fiat currency because there is no value attached to it. The U.S. Treasury has been able to print money at will. This has caused the dramatically increased inflation we experience, as politicians pass legislation that recklessly spends irresponsibly printed, worthless, fiat money.

Currency that has no asset-backed tags attached to it also contributes to an increased capability of thieves to manipulate, counterfeit, and "launder" paper bills. Once again, we taxpayers have paid heavily in terms of skyrocketing inflation.

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Navigating Changes

Crypto trading has been around a while but it has been backed by the fiat dollar, so its value, too, is worth about as much as that of thin air. The stock market is based on fiat money, as well. As the new gold-standard currency completely transitions into effect, crypto "money" and stock shares will crash and become obsolete.

I am grateful I recently discovered a couple of the leading financial experts of this changing monetary system. We are able to learn about the switch from old to new from these authorities. One of them has the handle called Whiplash347. The other goes by QuantumBrownie. A review of their content and discussions exhibits the expertise available on their Telegram and YouTube channels.

Quantum Brownie explains in one of his videos entitled, "How To Open A Lobstr Account To Take Advantage of the Wealth Transference," that there are new platforms for trading assets, backed by precious & semi-precious metals. These are the ones about to displace current trading markets.

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Asset-linked Platforms

I have learned recently that soon the old internet, which is really a dinosaur, will be eliminated and the new incoming Quantum Stellar Internet will replace it.

Eventually, there will be no more coins for crypto and no more shares for stocks.

I'm no financial advisor but it sounds to me like old crypto assets and stock shares need to be sold as soon as possible before a crash and reinvested into the new trading units.

The new trading units are already asset-backed. The new digital and stock assets are backed by the precious/non-precious metals. The gold-linked market is tied to the XRP unit, the silver-linked is tied to the XLM unit, and the copper-linked unit for trading is the XDC.

There are two other units, the Algo & Iota. Their development is behind the first three but will become available when completed.

Opportunity of a Lifetime

When the Military Operation, or White Hat operation (with which it associates,) releases criminals’ assets, they are placed on a platform called Lobstr, which predominantly trades Stellar XLMs (silver-linked XLM assets).

Since this roll out of seized assets has been occurring in waves over the last few years, some of them have already "opened" and are trading at higher/current market values. These are called opened assets.

As more criminal assets continue to be frozen, they are added to the fund and are held on Lobstr as "unopened,” assets until they are released. We are allowed to acquire these assets by exchanging purchased XLMs for pennies on the dollar.

Clearly, this is a tremendous opportunity because the unopened assets can be bought for next to nothing. Once unopened assets are released, our orders will fill first. Then, when public trading begins, there will be a rise in prices, as they will now be opened assets, will be in demand, so they will continue to trade at much higher costs.

Right now, even opened assets are valuable investments. Good ones (commodities, autos, tech, real estate, banking, etc.) will increase because, as more learn about the new asset-backed system, volume will increase, driving up prices.

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Since the cyber world is infamous for hacks and scams, Brownie provides a spreadsheet of all the White Hat-provided vetted & legitimate domains for your investment consideration.

His video walks you through, step by step, how to set up a Lobstr account, become familiar with basic terminology, and how to research this spreadsheet of verified assets, so that you can chose well-performing ones and participate in the greatest transfer of wealth (from evil-doers to hard-working individuals) in the history of the world.

There is no need to invest megabucks. It only takes $100 or so (whatever is affordable) to bring gains. Once public trading begins, prices will continue to increase from your pennies-on-the-dollar purchases.

Whiplash347 estimates that nominal investments on good assets should yield $thousands, and a $1000 or more investment could even yield upwards of that.

Alexandru Vicol on Unsplash

The Clock Is Ticking

So, invest in yourself by watching/learning from Quantum Brownie's video (s) and from his link to the spreadsheet of seized stellar assets. Time is running out until the kill switch permanently shuts down the old internet and activates the new Quantum Stellar Internet.

Back up anything you want to save from the internet now because soon it will be gone forever.

Jump on this video; work to learn the new system and secure some valuable assets for yourself at drastically discounted prices.

We are living in extraordinary times. Many good things await this incoming brave new world.

This is an example of just one of them. The world is transitioning from darkness to light, with the many new technologies, patents, opportunities, and a higher consciousness of good people improving humanity.

“Now therefore stand and see this great thing, which the Lord will do before your eyes” 1 Samuel 12:16

God bless you as you travel your journey of hope, healing, happiness, and success. At the risk of sounding like a '60's hippy, cheers to you for increased quantum energy, higher waves of affirmative frequency, and good vibrations of comfort & love because this is all really happening ...


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