Separation of Church and State

I had to chuckle when I read that a church was upset Trump visited.

It really is true that, to some, nothing he ever does is right. I admit, I am not a fan of President Trump, Governor Cuomo, or Mayor DiBlaiso's "New-York-in-your-face style." New Yorkers may be use to that approach but it grates on me. Nevertheless, it seemed nonsensical that social media was so ablaze with offended comments, the likes of, "How dare he go to church and not pray," or, "Who does he think he is," and, "I heard he was going to visit another church today!" The shock and outrage seemed ridiculously exaggerated.

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I commented on a Facebook post.

Amid all the terror and destruction we have experienced this week, I thought it was a good visual of President Trump posing with his personal Bible, an optic for a spiritual reawakening in the country. I may be dating myself with age but I grew up in a Bible-based society where truths and values, such as those taught in the Ten Commandments (thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not lie, love your neighbor as yourself, etc.) or the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you,) were generally an accepted way of life in communities and the nation. But my sentiments drew wrath because some suggested I was shoving Christianity, saying I should read the Constitution because it guarantees a separation of church and state.

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A Nation can only be as great as its people.

The tragic and unnecessary death of Mr. Floyd occurred because officers did not demonstrate the basic human decency of responding to a man's cries for help in breathing. Peaceful and justifiable protests followed, only to be hijacked by rioters, looters, and anarchists. I believe it is important to understand the Constitution, the meaning of a Bible-based society and the separation of church and state, so we can become a strong and cohesive nation once again.

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The Constitution

The 7th Article of the Constitution references the, "Year of our Lord." The Founding Fathers referred to God as God, the Creator, the Supreme Being, and other Divine titles, throughout the Declaration of Independence and warned that no society would survive without accountability to the, "The Laws of Nature and Nature's God." Bible-based society does not mean everyone has to believe in the Bible. We live in a free country, where each individual can believe (or not believe) in any religion they choose. Bible-based means that the worthy principles and values, as taught in the Bible, are solid truths on which to build a stable and civil society.

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The Separation of Church and State means that the government shall not establish any one particular religion as the State Religion. One of the reasons the Framers of the Constitution fled Great Britain was that King George persecuted those who wished to worship differently than the designated State Religion allowed. Not surprisingly, the very first Constitutional amendment stated: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. So, the separation of church and state does not mean all mentions of God must be banned from schools or the public square. Quite the contrary, God and religion are protected under the First Amendment. And, say what you will about the President, there had been a breach in the White House fence, Secret Service fired tear gas into the crowd, and it probably was an extremely tense situation. He may have felt the need to walk sacred grounds and lean on faith. It doesn't seem to be a reason to criticize him for posing in front of the Church, holding a Bible (the symbol of his religion,) and representing the necessity for a spiritual revival in this country. Couldn't we all benefit greatly from a more unified and compassionate culture? I know Mr. Floyd certainly could have; May God rest his soul and comfort his grieving family.

I am optimistic for hope and healing in our Country. America is such a great land, where we enjoy more freedoms and opportunities than anywhere else in the world. I hope we all work to make it an even better place today than it was yesterday, and a better place tomorrow, than it is today. Prayers for God to bless us in our individual and personal circumstances. As always, best wishes in your own journey of happiness and success.

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