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Isn't this image a great reminder?

We are a very polarized society these days but it doesn't have to be this way. It's ok to disagree with people because this is what conversation is all about: expressing our viewpoints and letting others express theirs. It's how we learn new things, validate our own opinions and beliefs, and develop tolerance for everyone.

I've never done this before.

I saw a very good post on social media the other day by Dr. Brandt Gibson, MD. He is a podiatrist who offers daily videos with tips on medical concerns/issues, but this particular post was just about showing respect to everyone. I want to include it here because it is a good reminder to always reflect basic humanity in our dealings with others. I apologize for the unoriginal and lengthy email but I though it was valuable.

Dr. Gibson:

I am usually very careful what I post and I hope this doesn’t become a hot button post: I believe in God given freedom! I believe that every man and woman has the right to believe as they like and should not be judged for that belief. I also believe I don’t have the right (and you don’t either) to expect others to believe as I do. I will also not disparage or label you as ______ for that belief! I believe in Freedom of Speech! You have a right (and so do I) to say what we believe. That doesn’t allow hate speech (but disagreeing is not hate speech). My freedom cannot impinge on your freedom, nor can yours impinge on mine.

I believe that children are given to families on purpose! As a parent it is my duty to teach, protect and love my children. I likewise believe government mandated “teaching” should be within the bounds of those family and parental rights. Except for protecting children from mental, sexual and physical harm, the relationship of parent to child should be protected! I believe that slavery is (and always was) wrong! This evil practice needs to be eradicated wherever in the world it still exists! This includes sex trafficking and home situations where a spouse or children are slaves to domestic violence (physical, sexual, emotional or spiritual).

I believe that voting is a privilege and should be exercised with the greatest of care. I promise to never vote against an individual or party but to instead vote for something or someone. If I can only choose to vote to “remove someone from office” or because “this or that is wrong with...” then I am not an informed voter. An informed voter can say why he/she is voting for something or someone. (This also precludes me from ever voting for “the lesser of two evils”. Again I must vote for something or someone.)

Lastly, I believe a majority of individuals are inherently good and trying to make correct choices. I promise to give you the benefit of the doubt and only ask the same for myself. Every decision I make, choice I choose and life I live will be based on experience, research and prayer. I am willing to review any valid information (PS I don’t include unsubstantiated opinions because, as a scientist, these are just that - opinions). I hope this post is taken as it was meant. My goal is to daily make this world a better place and everything I do and say (hopefully) is trying to promote this ultimate goal. May we all lift and build each other because there is enough hate and evil in the world!

Jude Beck on Unsplash

Well said!

James 2:8, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: A good rule to live by, which facilitates hope and healing for all of us.

Thank you for indulging this long mail. I aim to uplift and inspire, and I hope this did just that. I wish all the best to you along your journey of success.

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