"Five Eyes" Virus Report

Wuhan Institute of Virology

Five Intelligence-Sharing Nations

I was interested to learn there is an alliance between five English-speaking Intelligence Agencies: The US, UK, Australia, Canada, & New Zealand, called the "Five Eyes." On Monday, an Australian newspaper reported findings from a 15-page investigative dossier, released by "Five Eyes," which documented their research on the Chinese Government's cover-up of the Virus outbreak. The report chronicled evidence and timelines, including their denial of human-to human transmission, which they discovered in early December 2019 but only admitted in late January 2020. Within those six weeks, millions attended the Chinese New Year's celebration, continued to fly all over the world, at the same time China was banning travel within their own country, quarantining Wuhan, bleaching local areas & markets around the Virology Lab, silencing brave Chinese journalistic/scientific whistle-blowers, warning of impending disaster, censoring Internet information & mounting evidence of asymptomatic carriers, and denying other countries' requests for viral samples.

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The Benefits of Globalism

While globalism offers magnificent exposure to worldwide travel, virtual locations & experiences, as well as, fascinating cultures, there is the drawback & threat of bad actors on the world stage. This isn't the first time an outbreak has occurred of SARS-CoV-2, also known as this season's variety, COVID-19 because it stands for the coronavirus disease of 2019. As of today, there have been 3,727,384 cases and 258,342 deaths from the Virus around the world. And there are no statistics yet of deaths, resulting from "collateral" viral damage: Suicides, aborted emergency visits from fear of a Viral hospital encounter, denied elective surgeries ("elective" means scheduled heart, lung, liver, other critical surgeries,) domestic violence, and so on.

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Will we shut down every year now?

It has become increasingly clear we need to strengthen immune systems, protect the vulnerable, increase savings accounts, grow a garden, personally prepare more effectively, and implement any other number of "new normal" changes. I, for one, am executing a better preparation project (including the all-elusive TP), expecting the best for the future but planning for the worst. Hopefully, we don't ever have to relive these last two months but odds are, we just might.

Lesson learned:

I think one of my big takeaways from this quarantine is the importance of a spiritually fortified individual, as well as, a strong society. Panic and fear are normal human reactions to unexpected developments and unknown outcomes. But a strong faith can increase our cores and improve the likelihood of weathering unforeseen disasters. 1Corinthians 13, reminds us of the power of faith, hope, and charity, which is love. In our very divided environment, it is a good reminder to continually work towards an increased faith, hope, and love for others and our culture. Time will tell of the gains, if any, that result from such recent hardship and loss. It's possible we could turn this into a grand occasion for sewing the seeds of a fruit-filled harvest. Maybe we will all become more kind, loving individuals and a more tolerant and compassionate society.

I wish you all the best, as your community prepares and reopens. Happy trails in the blossoming recovery. May your successes continue and your opportunities for hope, happiness, and healing always increase!

Vote Heaven Heals, Favorite Religious Non-Fiction book, 2020, category 11

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