Candles in the Wind

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

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The world has lost a great one.

The loss of nine people in a California helicopter crash has stunned the world and reminded us just how fragile life is. The stark reality is that all of our lives are candles in the wind and we never really know when a breeze, puff, gust, or tempest will extinguish each one of our glowing flames. It is a sober reminder to live life fully and don't let fear and discouragement confuse or derail us.

Bryant's 2018 Oscar Winner "Dear Basketball"

It was said that Kobe Bryant decided, as a 7-year-old Philadelphia-native growing up in Italy, he would one day become one of the world's greatest basketball players. He reported he always felt this gave him the competitive edge because he made up his mind to achieve a goal and then he worked harder than everyone around him to ensure he would secure it. When his 20-year award-winning basketball career ended, he transitioned into the business sector, and even the film arena, to continue his winning endeavors and trophy acquisitions.

Faith and family:

No doubt, he would have considered his nearly twenty-year marriage (admittedly, not without those rocky, rough patches) and his four children among his most treasured accomplishments. He is admired for his fatherly devotion and participation in the "little league" basketball activities of his daughters. On Sunday morning, he attended the 7 AM mass at Our Lady Queen of the Angels Catholic Church in Newport Beach and then, with his daughter, Gigi, and other friends, headed towards Thousand Oaks to coach her youth basketball event. Although, the rest of the story is now an historical tragedy, it is fitting that he will always be remembered for his duly-aligned priorities in life and living it to the fullest - until the very end.

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Grateful for lessons learned!

The untimely deaths leave an abundance of shock and sadness but there is a lot to be learned from Kobe's determined mind-set and optimistic attitude. In spite of all life's challenges, it is his invaluable lesson that teaches us to keep reaching for the skies, refusing to lose focus on our goals and ambitions. Even though it often takes a somber situation to force us to reflect on what is truly important, this is an excellent opportunity to remind ourselves to continually re-evaluate and, possibly, realign our own priorities. As someone once said, "Life is a gift from God and what we do with it is our gift to Him." Certainly, heaven shines brighter now with the recent arrival of such splendid, sparkling gifts!

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Blessings, moving forward through these difficult weeks.

Best wishes for hope, healing, happiness, and clarity of purpose, always. You are a unique, glistening candle & I hope I might inspire you to let your light shine. I believe in your success and, more importantly, God believes in your success!

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